February 15, 2020

Realized – The Business Compendium

Tools for the entrepreneur

The Business Compendium

I’ve built a well stocked library of business books on many subjects. But like a lot of you, I’ve gained a lot more practical experience starting and running businesses. Until someone uses the term to describe you, we may never have heard of the “serial entrepreneur” before. But, that’s what we are.

Yet, it only makes sense when you think about it. Very few products last in the market more than a few years and if you don’t develop a line of products in a category, you probably have moved on to a new one, sold the old one, or changed with the times, or maybe you have had a string of misses and also-ran products.

When you’ve developed more than one business before, you start to notice patterns of success and failure that are worth documenting. If you get good at it, you learn to avoid those things that lead to failure and improve the level of success over time. Once in a while, you hit it big and ride it all the way.

I’d like to invite other serial entrepreneurs to join me in sharing your insight into this world and maybe making someone else s journey more enjoyable (and with any luck more profitable).

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